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We have been an established homemaking enterprise since the year 1993. We are extremely privileged to announce that we have been in the top list of companies who have brought the happiness of home designing to a billion of patrons. Our blessed beginning took off with a single store in Dubai, UAE, and our growth continued to enable placing about 100 stores whole across the world. All over these years, our company has gained the reputation for constantly providing exceptional shopper experience.

We Provide

We present a one-stop destination for almost all the top brands of the furniture and furnishing world. This ranges from all the traditional items to those modular or contemporary affordable products and also the world-class home accessories that beautify a home and satisfies the customer's need. We take the pleasure of displaying unique concept rooms of each category.

Our Inspiration

Our group of in-house designers constantly works with meeting the dreams of our respective clients. This focus brings out the most stylish, vibrant and innovative pieces that assure outstanding value. Our designs and settings vary with every seasonal preference.

We felt the most honored when we received the most admired retailer award continuously from the year 2013 to 2017.

Customer Feedback

We believe the customer's suggestions can help us grow. So, please write in your comments or improvements if any and also please do specify your shopping via online or in-store type.

Career Opportunity

The efficient performance of our staff members leads us to top in the retail sector and we recognize that good training in a rewarding environment along with collaborative and creative growth adds to an altogether growth.

Do refer the positions made available on the company site and please email to us on the one to you think that suits you or else, simply email your resume to us.

A Home Built With All Your Heart

A structured house becomes a home when it is filled with family love and home essentials. This includes everything needed to beautifully fill up your small or spacious rooms that further comfy your life. Let us go through the different breathing spaces that all together form a home.

The heart of a home is its kitchen

A kitchen is the core corner of your home where the fuel for your body is cooked. A scrumptious meal satisfies both your stomach as well as the soul. Each kitchen has its own specific look and style, feels different, smells distinct and so also the taste of the food prepared here also varies.

Most of us may be having countless memories with the kitchen. Memories of your mother cooking the dishes, priceless conversations over the food, your personal authentic dish try-outs and so on.

Nowadays, kitchen thought is not only a confined to a cooking place, moreover, it has been considered as a place synchronized to living. So, people are caring more to make their kitchen lively.

How to do it?

Take the pleasure of cooking to an everyday exciting process. Beautify your kitchen with those items and the shades that you love the most. Arrange them in a different and attractive pattern with the help of wooden or mica furniture shelves, trolleys, and hangings. Here are some tips to precisely define the artistic beauty of your kitchen and make it the happiest and lovable part of your home.

  • Make a good and vibrant choice on your crockery and breakfast set kept on the kitchen cabinets because it can amazingly speak volumes about your personal trend and riches.
  • Transparent glass containers are an elegant pick for storing your knick-knacks like cookies and dry fruits. This is a part of your healthy choice as you replace all your plastic items with glass finishing.
  • Spicing up with dynamic retro chic mason jars is another fine idea to decorate your table center. Pouring fruit pulps and adding zest to it can make them the stars of the kitchen.
  • Choosing vivid kitchen towels is another fancy and fun thing to do. A sight of such colorful things can make any dull time to a really energetic one.

Always keep your cooking space clean and fit. Placing a fresh plant can add the greenery to your work area.

Living Room

This is the first or the only room your guests will see. This has to set the tone for the rest of the house. If you are low on your budget and are not planning to renovate the whole house, this should be the area to renovate. Rearrange your furniture and change the orientation of the entire room. Get a different color paint or some textured paint for the wall facing the couch. You can even invest in wallpapers. You will have more options; it takes lesser time and costs a fraction of painting the walls. Get something interesting to hang on the walls. Need not be a painting but can be masks or other tchotchkes you get in other countries. This will make your room look unique and can also serve as a conversation piece when you don’t know what to talk about to certain guests you never expected to walk through your doors.

Butterfly Dining Expressions

The concept of small dining has come into play and making the most out of that trifling area is the new vogue. However, the effective use of the right space by finding the exact furniture gives a spacious view of even the small room.

There are always the options of mix and match as well as the convertible premium variety of table, chair, long seats and cushioned stools. Adding to these characteristics, this new figure can be folded compactly once the mealtimes are done.

Know the table types

  • Two-way seater foldable and movable. A perfect selection for the new couples just shifted to their new apartment. The compact and fad designing features give the dazzling looks.
  • Four-way seater rectangular table with cute storage entities. This unit is a completely gliding type and can also be removed for cleaning purposes.
  • The extendable four-seater table unit. Greatly built-in to meet the style-quotient. The practical notion behind this table really suits the modern dining. You can use it as a normal four-way type when you are with your family or else convert to the six-way type when you are dining with your guests at home.
  • The ideal six-seat and extendable dining table set. This will be really a reasonable unit for a joint family structure and is available with a two-door cabinet along with open storage units. This can be adjusted to four or six-seater according to your needs.

Pick your cushioned chairs or stools

  • High-class tall and solid tools ideal for any table.
  • Easy foldable chairs with a comfy sit back is also available which is made of versatile and classy faux leather with a range of color options.
  • Smarty wooden featured chairs with adjustable curve backs.

Correctly place the chosen table and chairs according to the dining space convenience. For beautifying the table top, placing a fresh flower glass vase will be an apt choice.

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